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In the Sunset Strip you are in the Hollywood Hills. ss1.jpgThe Sunset Strip real estate located just above the Strip, was once a dusty winding road. During the 1920´s and 1930´s various nightclubs, movie studios and several fine apartments houses were built to the needs of wealthy movie people. The Sunset Strip is the name given to the approx. 1 mile and half stretch of Sunset Boulevard that passes through West Hollywood, Ca. It extends from Doheny Dr. which is the border line of Beverly Hills east to Crecscent Heights, West Hollywood. The Strip is a major path between Hollywood and Beverly HillsBel Air to the ocean in Malibu. The people living in this upper class neighborhood are affluent and very influential residents, as well as being a major regional; center of nightlife surrounded by Celebrity homes, Mansions set behind Gates and Estates in the Hollywood Hills Real estate with City to Ocean Views & pools. 

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The average cost for a home in the Sunset Strip, can cost from 1 million up to ss2.jpg approximately 20 million, contingent upon what hill you are on and how wide and smooth the roads are to get there. You can start from Doheny Estates, and travel east to Sunset Plaza Dr. or travel more east and you run into Queens Rd. or even go more east to Kings Rd. traveling more east to Marmont Ave. behind the famous hotel Chateau Marmont Hotel to end up at Crescent Heights Blvd. What determines price is the size of the home, the usability of the lot, if the lot is flat or is it all on a down slope hillside, to the orientation of the city, canyon to ocean views and from what room you see these smashing city views. You get top dollar if your property is set behind a gate, down a long driveway, and bright and very private, is what buyers pay top dollar for. The mortgage rate is at its all time low, so buyers can get in at low interest rates, combined with a down payment, and you can right off the interest, which is tax deductible.

Living in The Sunset Strip ss3.jpg

There are so many eclectic types of people from all over the world living in the Sunset Strip. I would say a majority of homeowners are entertainment people, in the "industry" you would call it. Many old Hollywood legends, to young & hip movie stars, writers, directors, agents, manager, and music people of many genres, reside in the world famous Sunset Strip. There are also many high end international business entrepreneurs, fashion designers, investment bankers, and etc.

In the 1950´s, the glitz of Las Vegas had reinvented itself to the glamour of the Sunset Strip & Sunset Strip Investments. However in the 1960´s the Sunset Strip revived as the home of a thriving music industry. The rainbow, the Roxy, and the Whiskey to name a few, featured upcoming bands such as the Doors and the Mamas and the Papas. ss4.jpg

A lot of the children go to private schools, throughout the city. Go to my website to learn more about the schools systems. Living in the Sunset Strip, is very safe and just as safe as any high end influential neighborhood in the United States. Most homes have alarm systems connected to and patrolled by ADT and Bel Air Patrol, and they work very closely with the Los Angeles Police department.

Steven Spreafico loves the Sunset Strip. The Sunset Strip home & the Hollywood Hills home is like living in the country with the birds and coyotes. The roads can be very narrow with pot holes, but neighbors say it is worth the drive for the privacy, and city to ocean views. Steven also lives at the top of the Sunset Strip, overlooking the entire West side Real Estate, Beverly Hills real estate thru Bel Air Real Estate. Waking up hearing the birds and coyotes and the chirping of the crickets, reminds him of the ranch where he grew up, but minutes from the hottest night life and partying networking on the Sunset Strip! That's why the Hills caters to all types and personalities. It has such an eclectic feel.


Sunset Strip Properties & Sunset Strip Estates for Sale

Several A list Celebrities who own Sunset Strip properties & Sunset Strip Estates live above the Sunset Strip. From The Ocean from Malibu traveling west throughout Bel Air traveling East through Beverly Hills Estates, passing Trousdale Estates, then The Doheny Estates is filled with the hottest young, talent in the famous Bird Streets. The hill east is Sunset Plaza Drive real estate where Steven Lives. Then there is Kings Rd. & Queens Rd. right across the street from the Mondrian Hotel in the Hollywood Hills. At Crescent Heights, if you travel North up Laurel Canyon Real estate, it takes you to Mulholland real estate. You can travel east through Nichols Canyon Real estate to Outpost estates Real estate, which is La Brea N. of Sunset to Beachwood Canyon Real estate where the famous Hollywood sign is located.

The Sunset Strip is known for its various different style homes like: 


  • Mediterranean
  • Spanish
  • Mid Century
  • English Tudor
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Architectural
  • Post & Beam
  • Colonial
  • Ranch styles

Sunset Strip Entertainment  ss7.jpg

People flock to the Sunset Strip, to drive to the Strip and party. Others come to get discovered and want to be famous and on television. There are so many near by attractions to the Sunset Strip. You are within a 5 mile radius to the major studios, like Paramount, Warner Bros, CBS television, and more. Los Angeles has great theaters, night clubs, operas, concert Halls, and sports events, restaurants with top chefs, and more. The hottest night clubs are on the Sunset Strip, where you can be seen partying with the stars.

Recreation in Sunset Strip 

You are just minutes away from Beverly Hills, the best shopping in United States. You are within 20 minutes to the ocean where you can walk Venice Beach or ride bikes to Santa Monica or go surfing in Malibu. If you feel like going for a beautiful drive, you can travel south on the Pacific Coast Highway along the Pacific Ocean and go to Laguna Beach. You can travel east and visit Palm Springs, where there are a lot of relaxing spas and hot weather in the desert. You can travel North on Highway 101 and stop into Santa Barbara for some sightseeing or travel North to San Francisco.

Wolf Gang Puck´s original Spago restaurant was the site of dining of the biggest MOVIE STARS. This food took a leading role to helping to define "California Cuisine" along with other great restaurants at Sunset Plaza like "La Petit Four."

Sunset Strip Nightlife ss.jpg

The Strip home reemerged as the center for nightlife in the 1990´s with the opening of various clubs and restaurants like the House of Blues, Viper Room, & Key club. The Mondrian Hotel was converted from a 1950´s apartment complex to be a hotel in 1984 by Ian Schrager and he partnered with designer Phillipe Stark to create this Modern upscale Elte Grand Hotel with SkyBar inside, one of L.A.´s hottest night spots owned by Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber. In 1993 Johnny Depp created the Hip and famous Viper Room. Hustler Hollywood at the corner of Hilldale & Sunset is owned by Larry Flynt.

Chateau Marmont another celebrity hangout. The historic Sunset Tower (a.k.a. Argyle Hotel was designed in 1929, and is still considered one of the most important Art Deco structure in Los Angeles. Howard Hughes used to occupy the Penthouse.

Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe Had their first blind date at the Rainbow Bar and Grill, which is right across the street from my office at Coldwell Banker at 9000 Sunset Blvd. The Comedy store has help boost many careers, at amateur night such as Jim Carrey, and David Letterman.

Sunset Strip Realtor - Steven Spreafico

Steven Spreafico is also a Sunset Strip realtor, and has been selling Sunset Strip homes for sale for around 30 years. Sunset Strip properties are his passion & getting Sunset Strip listings as a Sunset Strip celebrity real estate broker from walking up & down the Sunset Strip has made him the king of Sunset Strip Estates properties.



Steven Spreafico has been selling Sunset Strip real estate and has been a Sunset Strip Realtor and Sunset Strip Real Estate Broker for over 20 years. Steven is a Sunset Strip Real Estate Broker and a top Sunset Strip Realtor.


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