Founder of Spreafico Realty International

Previously worked at Coldwell Banker Sunset Strip office for 25 years from 1997 to 2022
as International Estates DIRECTOR

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Steven Spreafico
 The Blue Eyed Hollywood Cowboy
 Steven was raised on his family's working cattle ranch located in scenic Edna Valley of San Luis Obispo, CA, a beautiful area renowned for wine production. Steven's dream was to move from his family home with the intent of living in his own house at the top of the Hollywood Hills. He found his niche selling real estate in this desirable area and quickly settled into his own home at the top of Sunset Plaza Drive. The decade spent in this house afforded him the opportunity to thoroughly familiarize himself with his neighborhood. This is turn enabled Steven to help many other people find their own dream estates and experience the privilege of living their lives to the fullest extent. 

Working with tireless ambition to make his goal of becoming a Hollywood Hills homeowner a reality, Steven made his dream come true. The focus he applied to manifesting his personal goals has shifted. Steven now directs his considerable energy to helping his clients reach their real estate goals using the same work ethic on his clients' behalf that landed him his own dream home. Steven's tenacity in the competitive world of real estate sales has attracted celebrities among his wide range of clients, each receiving the same level of personalized attention. Steven's greatest wish as a realtor is to help every client achieve the joy of owning the home that best suits their needs. With over three decades of experience starting from the ground up as an assistant, Steven has honed his real estate sales skills and extensive knowledge. He has employed his unique real estate business savvy, networking ability, dedication and passion to become one of the most recognizable, respected, honest, ethical and fun to work with Premier Agents in one of the most exciting real estate markets in the world: 

 Hollywood Hills, The Sunset Strip, Doheny Estates, Sunset Plaza, Beverly HillsBel Air and West HollywoodWatch me on YouTube!

Expert Listing Agent! Celebrity Realtor
 30 years real estate experience off the Sunset Strip!

 3/S Ranch "The Spreafico's "
 Central CA in San Luis Obispo, "Rancho Corral De Piedra "

Current family 700 acre working ranch in the Edna Valley

where Steven grew up and visits for the holidays.

When Steven was a little boy growing up on his family´s cattle ranch in San Luis Obispo, CA,(pictured below) his dreams of moving to the big city of Los Angeles got him through the everyday battles of baling hay, rounding up cattle in the dust and being the misunderstood, closeted boy in a small, straight-laced, mid-coastal California town.

Jim Spreafico with 3 kids Brandon, Lori and Steven